Vince Carter has no regrets

Vince Carter has no regrets, however. Not about spending his final season with a sub .500 team. Not about retiring without a title. There is one thing: Missing out on a chance to play in Toronto one last time. The Hawks were scheduled to travel to Toronto on April 10, which would have given Carter an opportunity to say goodbye to a city that loved him, hated him and eventually re-embraced him. – via Sports Illustrated

Vince Carter Retirement?“It’s an unbelievable feeling,” Carter said of his healed relationship with the city he started in. “It’s really impossible to explain. But it’s refreshing, satisfying, and makes the walk out of the door satisfying and peaceful, when that door closes. Just because, Like I say, I played the game because I love it. And I want everyone to understand it, see it and appreciate it. And I prided myself on it since I walked into this game. Be a good guy, enjoy the game, and just play the game that I love, my way. And that’s all I ever wanted to do. And I think people are understanding that now at this age, more than ever, that I just love playing basketball. And I want to play basketball. And as a young guy I didn’t think about, the impact I would have on people.”-via

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