Shaedon Sharpe eligible for 2022 draft

ESPN reported Thursday that Shaedon Sharpe will be eligible for the 2022 NBA Draft, meaning he could leave Lexington without playing a single minute for the Wildcats. The saga surrounding his recruitment, playing status and draft situation has been a strange one in recent months. Originally, it was expected that Sharpe would not be eligible for the NBA Draft until 2023. – via Lexington Herald-Leader

Sharpe meets the league’s age requirement for draft eligibility in 2022, since he turns 19 later this year. The sticking point was the timing of his high school graduation. It was thought that he hadn’t graduated high school until after the current NBA season had already begun. In that case, a logical reading of the league’s eligibility rules would indicate that Sharpe wouldn’t have been eligible until the 2023 draft. – via Lexington Herald-Leader

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