Pistons to rebuff all trade inquiries for Bojan Bogdanovic?

Marc Stein: ‘I heard from from one source this week, even if somebody offers the unprotected first that all you media guys have been talking about for ages, this person still thinks that Detroit’s gonna say no, that they are that serious about keeping Bojan Bogdanovic.’ – via Apple Podcasts

More and more, as the deadline draws near, I hear rival teams saying that they believe Detroit is poised to rebuff all trade inquiries for Bojan Bogdanovic. I was certainly among those who thought it was posturing when Detroit’s reluctance to trade Bogdanovic began to surface many weeks ago, but one league source went so far as asserting this week that the Pistons would refuse to surrender Bogdanovic even if offered that fully unprotected future first-round pick that everyone says Detroit covets. – via Marc Stein @ marcstein.substack.com

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