Pascal Siakam feeling well after return

On Sunday afternoon against the Brooklyn Nets, it was time to leave the cheerleading to someone else. After ending his 2020-21 season abruptly due to a shoulder injury that required surgery for his left labrum in the off-season, Siakam heard a loud ovation when his name was announced among the starters and went on to make an encouraging season debut with 15 points, four rebounds and two blocks in 25 minutes. “It’s a big moment, and I tried hard not to make it a big thing,” Siakam said. “Today I was laughing on Open Gym because I was telling them I don’t want to make it a big deal, and then he comes to my house and filmed me going all the way to the arena, and it’s like — yeah, so I tried not to but I know how important it is, and obviously I’m super happy and super excited to be back in Toronto. “It’s been so long, playing in this arena, and just playing with my teammates and seeing the fans, so yeah, it was a great moment and obviously wanted to get a win but it is what it is.” – via Vivek Jacob @

With just under six minutes remaining in the game, Siakam posted up against Blake Griffin, spun around him and drew the foul while making a fadeaway jumper. It was his patented move, one that left the 27-year-old smiling ear-to-ear. It was a moment of unfiltered joy for the young veteran, a reminder of just how much it means to him to be able to play the game he loves at the highest level. “I just wanna be happy, give everything that I have, just go out there and play as hard as I can for my team,” Siakam said. “This year, we have a very good team, I think the potential is there. We just have to continue to work hard and play to our identity and hopefully we can win some games.” – via Vivek Jacob @

Eric Koreen: “It felt good. First time in a long time,” Pascal Siakam says of being out there on the court today. Siakam said he cried when he found out he needed surgery, saying he doesn’t think he’s cried like that since his father passed away. (As a capper on a crappy year-plus). – via Twitter ekoreen

Eric Koreen: “It’s just a reminder to the idiots on Twitter who have beat him up the last two years,” VanVleet said of Siakam’s relatively smooth return. – via Twitter ekoreen

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