Owners supporting Adam Silver amid COVID-19 crisis

As the uncertainty grows, and science, economic and competitive elements collide, there’s one constant in the struggle to revive the NBA: Owners and players are delivering Adam Silver full room to operate, govern and make the decision on resuming play amid a pandemic. No power grabs, no factions, no public criticisms on the commissioner’s judgment. – via Adrian Wojnarowski @ ESPN

Because the league office was warning and preparing owners and teams weeks before The White House, Silver earned an extra level of credibility on these issues of the virus. Silver doesn’t underestimate the power of something else to set public perception of his league — his superstars. His relationships and trust with star players, including NBPA president Chris Paul, have been the greatest factors in the league’s labor tranquility since Silver ascended to replace David Stern. – via Adrian Wojnarowski @ ESPN

Today, owners are championing testing and research studies. Sacramento’s Vivek Ranadive has discussed the Israeli breathalyzer test for the virus with his peers, sources said. Boston co-owner Steve Pagliuca is monitoring a Harvard test study on possible saliva testing. And the owners understand something else too. Silver is the best messenger to reach players on the financial strain approaching the NBA. That’s why a week ago, Silver was on the phone with players describing scenarios where revenue could plummet, where fans could slowly, if it all, return to NBA arenas as ticket buyers. – via Adrian Wojnarowski @ ESPN

Most teams are modeling ways to get fans into premium seating arrangements if social-distancing protocol limits — or prohibits — fans in arenas. And one team’s already investing in research showing how fans wearing masks and limiting attendance of those in vulnerable age groups and with pre-existing conditions could lower game-night risks to something closer to the flu than COVID-19, sources said. – via Adrian Wojnarowski @ ESPN

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