Nick Nurse hopes James Harden trade is a flop for Nets, Pacers and Cavaliers

Josh Lewenberg: Nurse on last week’s 4-team trade-“We can all place our bets on what we think’s going to happen but we’ve gotta watch it play out. From my standpoint I hope it flops for all 3 teams in the East, I don’t really care what Houston does, but I hope it doesn’t turn out for any of ’em” – via Twitter JLew1050

Eric Koreen: “I’m hoping that these stints can get longer for him. Last night’s start was not good. I don’t pin it all on him,” Nick Nurse says about starting Baynes. He noted the third quarter start with Boucher was poor, too. McCaw is still out of action, not making much progress. – via Twitter ekoreen

Josh Lewenberg: No update on Patrick McCaw, per Nick Nurse. He’s still recovering from surgery on the nagging knee issue that limited him most of last season. NN says he hoped he’d be further along by this point, but he’s not making much progress. – via Twitter JLew1050


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