NBA execs wonder if Kyrie Irving acquisition may end up pushing Luka Doncic out of Dallas

However, the second, deeper possibility every front office will be whiteboarding, is what happens with Luka Dončić. Even before this trade happened, execs I talked to on my road trip this past week, who were given anonymity so they could speak freely, were openly wondering if adding Irving could create a last-straw type situation that ends up pushing Dončić to seek the exits … much as happened with James Harden in Brooklyn. We don’t have any information that Dončić is unhappy, but we know Dallas is desperate. We know that because the Mavs just told us. Nothing says, “Everything is fine here,” like trading for the league’s most radioactive player, an accomplished amity arsonist now presented with fresh tinder. A logical follow-up question would be to wonder why the Mavs are so desperate right now. – via John Hollinger @ The Athletic

Irving is a free agent after the season, but the Mavs are unlikely to be facing a bidding war. A two-year extension would probably be all that’s required to keep him. In turn, the Mavs’ best move may be to hold their nose and live with Irving for two years because it just isn’t plausible for them to do anything any better with the contracts and draft pick limitations they have right now. – via John Hollinger @ The Athletic

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