Myles Turner piques Knicks’ interest

A little update to our Wednesday morning note on the Knicks and Myles Turner: As the Pacers reportedly pivot to a rebuild, there are Knicks decision-makers in favor of pursuing Turner via trade this season. Turner, a 25-year-old center, is under contract through 2022-23 and is making $17.5 million per season. – via SportsNet New York

Scott Agness on Myles TurnerI’ve heard there’s been some talks with the Lakers, previously Charlotte checked in several times. But really, he hasn’t been in consistent trade talks. His name has been mentioned by outside people. – via Spotify

Tony East: Myles Turner: “I know my worth. I hold myself to a high regard. And I expressed that out into the open.” He says he has had conversations with coaches, front office, and teammates about his role. Says it was not a shot at anyone at all. – via Twitter TEastNBA

Scott Agness: There’s no obvious choice (between Domantas Sabonis and Myles Turner) because there’s no obvious deal out there. There’s no significant or far-along dialogue with any teams pacers have made some calls- I’m told other teams have checked in and seen and evaluated the value that the Pacers want back for those guys and even others on the team because I think it’s open season a little bit. I wouldn’t classify it as a fire sale by any means. – via Spotify

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