Marvin Bagley’s dad wants his son out of Sacramento

Rob Perez: the plot thickens. Marvin Bagley III’s dad, if that’s actually him who signed the tweet, demands his son is traded via Twitter. deletes it. now retweets this. – via Twitter WorldWideWob

This, of course, puts Bagley III, who did not speak to the media after the game, in a tough situation. He has often expressed his love and admiration for his father and family and would not want to say anything to disparage them. But if he says anything other than “I do not want to be traded,” he would appear to be co-signing on the unhappiness of his father. That has simmered since his rookie season, according to league sources, when Bagley Jr. did not like the coaching of Dave Joerger. – via Jason Jones @ The Athletic

It’s not the first time those running the Team Bagley account have taken shots at the organization. It did so earlier in the week when Bagley III did not play in the fourth quarter of Tuesday’s win over Denver, retweeting a post about Lakers fans not liking Luke Walton as a coach and others calling for Bagley III to play more, as well as complaining about Bagley III’s treatment and declaring him healthy after injuries limited him to 13 games last season. – via Jason Jones @ The Athletic

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