John Collins Eyeing Max Deal

For his part, Collins thinks he could be in the conversation for a max deal, and he’d rather figure out his contract situation sooner rather than later. “When we’re talking max numbers and money, I feel like I definitely (am in) the conversation to have earned that money with the Hawks specifically, but obviously I know there’s business and we don’t always get exactly what we want,” Collins said. “But I want to be a Hawk, I want to stay with the Hawks.” – via Sarah K. Spencer @ Atlanta Journal-Constitution

 John CollinsAtlanta HawksStoryline: John Collins Extension?“I feel like we’ve both invested ourselves in each other… I feel like we both want to see our investments in each other pay off. In that sense, I just want to know where I am. I want to know I’m locked in as soon as I can rather than having to wait, which I know happens, but when you do wait, a lot of other stuff mentally creeps in during the season while I’m tired, while I’m playing, ups and downs, injuries, but that’s also a part of just being a pro athlete.” – via Sarah K. Spencer @ Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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