Former Bulls talk Pippen in The Last Dance

Hodges: “I’m still kind of upset about it because I know the type of brother that Scottie is. Scottie is the type of brother, I wasn’t part of the team when he didn’t stand up and come back out and play during that play, but I know that Scottie is the type of cat that will give his shirt for you, go on the ground for you and kick out the shot for you. I didn’t like how he was portrayed and I don’t understand the reasoning behind it and I’m still trying to figure that out. Without Scottie, MJ would not have won. It’s like all the brothers sitting here. It’s almost like MJ won in a vacuum and it wasn’t anything like that. To throw your brother, especially no. 33, under the bus, that wasn’t cool.” – via YouTube

Cartwright: “It’s interesting that when the play when Pip did not come back in the game, that was Pip’s best year. He had evolved into a leadership role, played great. To me, people make mistakes and then you move on from them. I think Scottie has a big heart. And when I first got to the Bulls he wasn’t a great shooter, skinny, extraordinarily talented, so everything he had he worked for. For me Pip was a great teammate and like I said it was one man’s show and that’s what they saw. But that’s not really reality.” – via YouTube

Grant: “It was straight up b——-. It was straight-up b——- how they portrayed Scottie. First off, being the No. 2 on that team and how he came out in terms of against Utah could barely walk, setting screens, getting knocked on the floor, the whole nine yards, and for them, that documentary, to call him…well, MJ called him selfish, that’s some BS. That’s straight up BS. If it wasn’t for Scottie Pippen there would be no six championships. I’m telling you right now guys. The first championship I think MJ got in foul trouble against the Lakers and who came to the rescue? No. 33. Scottie Pippen. Scottie Pippen. Yes, he made a mistake. We addressed that after the game. And then it was over with and we took the Knicks to seven games. My question is: How in the hell did that get on this documentary when MJ’s ass wasn’t even on the team?” – via YouTube

Hodges: “I never thought about that, brother. I never thought about that.” Grant: “That’s very interesting. And let me get back to something because I have to fucking vent now that I have the opportunity. Didn’t he call all of his former teammates out? The cocaine, the weed and the women? So who is the fucking snitch?” – via YouTube

Michael Jordan Documentary – Harper“I mean, MJ knew who he could talk to and who he had to push. He was one of those guys who made you work hard because you see how he worked. It made you work harder. There were some guys he would pick on. But I didn’t think it was in a way that was harmful or bullying. It just that you ain’t going to talk crap about me. When he was talking to Scott Burrell, Scott wasn’t man enough to stand up for who he was. You ain’t doing that shit to me.” – via YouTube

Grant“I wasn’t there for the second three-peat but I knew some of the guys on that team and I know damn well if you’re going to call Horace and a few other guys bitches and hoes, they weren’t going to stand for that. I’m pretty sure they edited that out of the documentary . In saying that, let me clear something up about this food thing, that he tried to take my food: Listen to me, where’s the camera, I would have beat his ass, guys. He can say what he wants to. I’m going to say what I have to say. You come back and try to take my food, I would have whooped his ass. There wouldn’t be no Air Jordans now. There wouldn’t be no six championships I can guarantee you that.” – via YouTube

Hodges: “It wasn’t him. I said that before and I will say it now. It wasn’t him.” Grant: “Let me tell you, man, that’s a damn lie. I wish I could say something else. But that’s a damn lie. Sam Smith was an investigative reporter and when you write a book I guess you have to have two sources, correct? Why would MJ just point me out? If you have a problem with me come to me. We could take care of it like men. Don’t try to put me out there because I didn’t say anything to Sam in the sanctity of that locker room. Point blank. And, one example, Sam Smith more times would allow my teammates…he would spend time with MJ, up in MJ’s suite and on the golf course and lunch and dinners. So for him to come out and say that, that’s a blatant lie. Lie, lie, lie. If you want to tell lies, go ahead it’s a free country.” – via YouTube

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