Dwane Casey: Isaiah Stewart shouldn’t be facing suspension

Rod Beard: #Pistons Dwane Casey on Isaiah Stewart incident: “He shouldn’t be facing anything. Not getting off the court in time (is a small thing)…I don’t see any ramifications from the league on that.” – via Twitter detnewsRodBeard

Rod Beard: #Pistons Dwane Casey on the altercation: “It was a tough place with Isaiah — his eye got cracked all the way all the way open … I don’t think (LeBron) James is a dirty player.” – via Twitter detnewsRodBeard

Kyle GoonAnthony Davis: “Everyone in the league knows LeBron is not a dirty guy.” Says that the moment he realized he had clocked Stewart, LeBron was trying to apologize and say “my bad.” Once Stewart was charging, AD says “I don’t know what he was doing, but we wasn’t going to allow that – via Twitter kylegoon

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