Domantas Sabonis not trying to get traded

Scott AgnessSabonis is not trying to get traded either. He’s not trying to push his way out. He’s good with it here. He likes this team. He likes most of the people around it and playing for Rick Carlisle. He bought a house here over a year ago. He’s now a married man. He has a lot of frequent visitors. So I don’t think he’s looking to get out of here, doesn’t mean he wouldn’t embrace it. – via Spotify

Scott AgnessI believe, from what I’ve heard, Sabonis has more trade value. Yes, Turner is a little bit more interchangeable is the word that comes to mind because he can shoot outside. – via Spotify

Scott Agness: Kevin Pritchard pissed off at least a few people with his comments. And primarily, it’s this one quote, “We’ve got to figure out how to manufacture that real star.” – via Spotify

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