Damian Lillard, Blazers want Draymond Green in Portland

Anthony SlaterThe Blazers would love to have him. (Damian) Lillard has been obsessed with getting him there for a while. Late last season, they went 15-5 down the stretch, and they went small without Wiseman, which fits Draymond. His foot healed, his conditioning was back, the stakes were back. Green kind of needs high stakes basketball to care. He always kind of stinks when his team stinks because he just stops caring. – via Michael Scotto @ HoopsHype

Anthony Slater: Draymond has two years left. Like you said, he’s had some flirtations with the Lakers and even the Blazers a bit. His game isn’t quite again like Curry’s is. I’d say if the Warriors lowball him coming off his next contract or whatever happens over the next couple of years, I could see his situation morphing into more of a breakup. – via Michael Scotto @ HoopsHype

Anthony SlaterIf another team is willing to give Draymond a contract that the Warriors aren’t in a couple of years, I could see that going differently, even if their dream scenario would be to play forever. – via Michael Scotto @ HoopsHype

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