Cavaliers, Mavericks targeting Cam Reddish

Chris Haynes: ‘So two teams that I’ve heard tied to Cam Reddish, and one team in particular I gotta get your opinion on Stein, but… Cleveland is a team that I was told that has a really good shot at making this deal work, making it happen. The other team? Dallas. What do you have? Again, your backyard… Marc Stein: So look, on the the Mavs I can tell you. The Mavs have tried. The Mavs have tried because the price is only a second-rounder. The problem the Mavs have is they don’t have that five, six-million expiring contract like the Lakers did with Kendrick Nunn to make this deal easy. And initially I heard that the Knicks wanted Reggie Bullock, who’s a Tom Thibodeau favorite. But I’ve since heard that the Reggie Bullock fandom in the Knicks organization is not exactly unanimous. And it might be more the coach that wants him than the front office that wants him… So the Mavericks have not been able to complete a Reddish deal. – via Apple Podcasts

Once Grimes returned to the regular rotation, Cam Reddish’s minutes and role decreased. He was out of the rotation by Dec. 4. That night, the Knicks beat the Cavs. It was the start of a season-altering eight-game winning streak. At one point before that Dec. 4 game, Reddish expressed displeasure to a Knick assistant coach about the way Thibodeau was using him, per people familiar with the matter. Reddish has not played since he expressed that displeasure. – via SportsNet New York

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