Bulls don’t know why Lonzo Ball is still feeling pain in his knee?

Daniel Greenberg: According to @JCowleyHoops on 670 The Score: 1) The Chicago Bulls don’t know why Lonzo Ball is still feeling pain in his knee. The medical staff doesn’t know why there is still pain. Lonzo and his camp also don’t know why. 2) Lonzo has had at least 6 opinions from doctors. – via Twitter

According to Chicago Sun-Times reporter Joe Cowley, the organization has no idea what is going on with this situation (via 670 The Score): “I think they are as perplexed as, basically, Lonzo is. They’re sticking to that it’s not chronic. It’s not career-threatening. I think this year is pretty much a wash. I’d be shocked … There is a lot of confusion. Is there a nerve there that is damaged? Is it long-term?” – via Bryan Kalbrosky @ For The Win

During the same interview, Cowley continued, we learned that Ball’s camp also does not know why Ball is taking so long to recover: “It’s not like they’re hiding something from us. They don’t know. Lonzo doesn’t know. His camp doesn’t know. Medical doesn’t know … I’ve heard he’s had third, fourth, fifth, [and] sixth opinions [and] that they are scouring to find something that timetables it.” – via Bryan Kalbrosky @ For The Win

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