Alex Caruso untouchable

In fact, when the Bulls have received calls on Caruso, the asking price has been so astronomical, it reiterated a Sun-Times report that Caruso is basically deemed untouchable. “He’s the culture,’’ one source said. Actually, not a bad nickname for Caruso, considering his hustle plays are often plastered throughout the game film. – via Joe Cowley @ Chicago Sun-Times


“High-IQ, knows what’s happening, what’s coming, what he’s going to do, where his man is, is he going over, under?’’ Donovan said. “He really reacts pretty spontaneously and he has such a good feel for it. And then like we’ve all talked about, he throws his body into everything all the time.’’ – via Joe Cowley @ Chicago Sun-Times


What he won’t throw himself into? Concerns that he’s a trade piece. “They also said I was getting traded in December,’’ Caruso said of the rumor mill. “I lived in LA for four years [playing for the Lakers], and that’s kind of what happens there. You just play basketball games and be a good teammate until something changes, and if nothing changes you just keep doing what you’re doing.’’ – via Joe Cowley @ Chicago Sun-Times

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