BioSteel All-Canadian Game, Luguentz Dort, atbnews

Team Red Came Up Big at BioSteel All-Canadian Game

#LookUpToTheNorth, because Canadian basketball is only getting better. Monday night at the Gold Ring Centre for High Performance is where the top Canadian basketball talents were for the second annual...
70 points, Devin Booker, Phoenix Suns, Legendary, Historic, NBA

Bryant told Booker To Be Legendary, And It Pissed Off The Celtics.

It must be the shoes. Kobe’s to be specific, who also happens to be Devin Booker’s inspiration. Friday night, The Phoenix Suns fell 120 - 130 to the Boston Celtics. 70...
Javale McGee, Shaquille O'Neal,

Shaq and Javale McGee Both took L’s

It's been an eventful week when it comes to the NBA. There was the pause of the regular season for the NBA All-Star Game in NOLA, to grown men...
Toronto Raptors, All-Stars, DeRozan, Frustrated, Defence, Atbnews

The Raptors Don’t Need To Press That Panic Button…Yet

It’s gotten really cold in Toronto, and we haven’t had one day of pure sunshine since the new year. We’ve had rain and snow, and the temperature has been...
Rivalry, Oklahoma City Thunder, Golden State Warriors, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, NBA, Atbnews

Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook: Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Real adv. the action of being true to the code of ethics of one's self, culture, and environment. keep it real. Real recognize real, and Kevin Durant isn’t looking too familiar...

No More Sneak Dissing, It’s All Out: Charles Barkley vs. LeBron James

It’s okay to be vocal about what you want or think you need when your current situation isn’t working out for you, but at the same time, it is...
Bell Let's Talk, NBA, Royce White, Lamar Odom, Metta World Peace, Deonte West, Luther Wright, atbnews

Be Part of The Conversation: #BellLetsTalk

“He’s crazy!” “What the hell is wrong with him? Why would he do that?” “He’s got issues, keep it off the court.” “Just get over it! Suck it up” Those are all phrases...
Derrick Rose, New York Knicks,

From Hiding then Seeking It All, What Does D.Rose Really Need?

“What if I told you a dying rose could bloom again in the right garden?” was one of the numerous tweets sent out by fans when it was announced...
Robert Covington, Sixers, Win

Fans Need To Trust The Process

Sports at any level takes dedication, hard work, and talent. But when an athlete steps onto their field of play, the first thing they hear is the roar of...

Life’s Good for Kevin Love

Kevin Love has been playing his best basketball as a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers to begin this season. After finishing with 25 points and 11 rebounds Sunday afternoon...

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Kobe Bryant, atbnews

Kobe Bryant on his playing days ” I dont miss it”

Bryant says he hasn’t had any pangs of withdrawal since his playing days ended, mostly because he’s so busy with his studio company. “I...
Free Agency, Rudy Gay, Sacramento Kings, nba, atbnews

Rudy Gay to opt out

Veteran forward Rudy Gay plans to opt out of the final year of his contract with the Sacramento Kings to become a free agent,...
Free Agency, Injuries, Serge Ibaka, Toronto Raptors, Patrick Patterson, Kyle Lowry, nba, atbnews

Kyle Lowry to opt out of contract

Lowry on free agency: "Honestly I haven't thought too far ahead of any of that. I will be opting out but that's as far...