About Us

About Us (Who we are, what we do, and our mission)

At The Buzzer News is a sports media company focused on providing coverage for everything basketball. This includes breaking news, highlights, analysis, and discussion at all levels of basketball ranging from amateur leagues to collegiate play and of course the National Basketball Association. With several social media channels, ATB News has reached out to tens of thousands of basketball fans and players across the world. Growing internationally and having positive influences remain ongoing goals for the company.

Founded in October 2013, ATB News began as a small sports blog but has now expanded into offering various services including game coverage, invitational tournaments, and diverse articles from multiple writers. The team culture is based on basketball fans who simply love the game and have a desire to exploit their knowledge and inner-sports passion. Not only do we believe that basketball is an entertaining sport to watch and play, but that it teaches valuable lessons including discipline, teamwork, leadership, and work ethic. Sports analysis will always have opinions but ATB News also ensures there is a degree of professionalism in all sides of a discussion.

As a Toronto based company, ATB News also gives extra exposure to the NBA’s Toronto Raptors and several Canadian players across the nation. Basketball is a growing sport in Canada and ATB News surely wants to be part of this uprising trend. Our mission is to become a primary source for passionate sports fans to keep up to date with the sport of basketball and also engage in friendly discussions.