By Jose Batista

Superstar Power Forward Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans has requested to be traded and is not expected to resign a Super Max deal during the upcoming off-season.

The vibrant city of New Orleans will in all likelihood trade away a top 5 player before the trade deadline this season. The Pelicans will look to find the best deal to revitalize the franchise going forward and try to recover from what will most certainly be a big blow.

There are quite a few teams who are looking to make a splash that can potentially change the trajectory of their franchises success. Davis would ultimately like to end up on a team who can contend for championships in the near future, let’s see what several teams have to offer.

The Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers immediately come to mind as they are in desperate need of landing another superstar to play alongside 3x NBA champion Lebron James. The Pelicans may be looking to acquire most of the Lakers young players such as Kyle Kuzma, Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram along with multiple draft picks. In the case of the Lakers it may be difficult to part with some of these pieces but you just can’t let a player the talent of Davis get away if you have a chance to acquire such a dynamic complete player. Landing Davis would immediately make the Lakers a legit contender for the NBA championship this season, the team is already very dangerous and under the radar with the experience and caliber of Lebron James on his own.

The Celtics

In an attempt to keep Kyrie Irving the Boston Celtics would definitely need to lure a player like Davis to wear the lucky green uniform. The Pelicans having the better piece in the deal should try their absolute hardest to land Jayson Tatum in absolutely any package that is being offered. The Celtics have a bevy of young players and draft picks necessary to pull the trigger on a deal. The Celtics won’t be a possible landing place until this summer due to the “Rose Rule” so right now the Celtics are on outside looking in, but if somehow Davis is still in a Pelicans uniform at the end of the season-The Celtics could be the biggest favorites to Land AD’s services.

The Knicks

New York, New York city so nice they named it twice, in this case we are referring to the New York Knicks and not the other squad in town (Brooklyn Nets). The Knicks could make a splash at Feb 7th NBA trade deadline that may change the fortunes of their franchise. The Knicks have something that they did not possess for a long time, talented young assets. The Knicks have draft picks (Poss Zion/Barrett Pick) and could set up a package deal of Kevin Knox, Frank Ntilikina, throw in disgruntled center Enes Kanter, keeping Kristaps Porzingis out of the deal is a absolute must to even think about contending for a title, the Knicks would have to lure other big name pfree agents in the off season such as Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Kawhi Leonard and Jimmy Butler to name a few, it’s a big risk for the Knicks not knowing if Davis will re-sign.

“Anthony wants to be traded to a team that allows him the chance to win consistently and compete for a championship,” Davis’ agent, Rich Paul of Klutch Sports Group, told ESPN. He added, “Anthony wanted to be honest and clear with his intentions and that’s the reason for informing them of this decision now. That’s in the best interests of both Anthony’s and the organization’s future.”

The Pelicans must remember that they have the biggest piece of the pie on the table. The Pelicans have only made the playoffs twice with Davis, as talented as he is the reality is that the Forward couldn’t get the job done for them with the pieces that he was surrounded with. Although you cannot replace Davis as a single piece the Pelicans can still be a team who gets full at dinner table from several new pieces of pie that may arrive via trade.