The 905 were looking to make it two in a row against the Greensboro Swarm in their second of the home and home with the aforementioned club. Last time around, on Thursday, the 905 came away with a narrow victory against the Swarm, winning 119- 117. It was a much-needed victory for the 905 if they wanted to keep their head above water in the standings as they 905 were on a five-game losing streak. That means the Mississauga based club was looking to starting a two-game streak the other way in this Saturday matinee contest.

In the first half, the 905 looked well on their way to accomplishing that feat as the team jumped out to a 30-21 lead at the end of the first against the swarm and going into the half the 905 were up 58-48. However, the Swarm kept up their fighting spirit from the last game and made a bit of a push in the fourth quarter. After being down by 13 at the end of the third and as much as 18 in the game, the team made a run but it was all for naught as the 905 stayed strong and held the lead to win 109-103. The main talking point for the 905 over their five-game losing streak was their lack of bodies. The 905 this time had a lot more guys available in the lineup and not only was that something the team really needed but that 905 head coach Jama Mahlalela relished this as a growing opportunity. “It was about growing pains today. I think we had a few more bodies than we’re used to playing with and they got to figure out how to play together. There were some moments that were pretty ugly out there but also some moments that were pretty special.” said coach Mahlalela.

The main story was the play of Chris Boucher. The bad news, Saint Lucian-Canadian native scored under his usual 28.6 points per game and 11.5 rebounds per game. The good news, he scored 27 points, grabbed 7 rebounds and blocked 5 shots. “he’s (Chris Boucher) had a really good G-League season. He’s producing day after day and game after game.” Said coach Mahlalela. The 905 also received some great contributions from Jordan Howard and Jordan Loyd who were both 7 for 11 from the field and scored 17 and 22 respectively. Malachi Richardson also poured in 18 points for the 905 and coach Mahlalela was impressed at his ability to do more than score “I think he’s (Malachi Richardson) really learning the game and I think the last game we played at Greensboro he showed a lot of really important things. A lot of grit things.”

The Swarm were heard to a bone-chilling 15 percent from 3-point land as they shot an abysmal 5 for 34 from downtown. Jaylen Barford led the Swarm in points with 22.

It was not good for the 905 as the 905 committed 24 turnovers. The 905 look to clean that up in their next game on the road against the Long Island Nets, a game that has big division implications. That game is on January 21st at 3pm.