By Jose Batista

The NBA season is mathematically at it’s half point in terms of games played for the Houston Rockets and other teams. The cold winter is in mid season form and James Harden has been sizzling hot making a case to win the MVP award for consecutive seasons.

The Rockets started the season slowly as they lost key contributors during the off season such as Trevor Ariza and Luc MBah a Moute. The team also cut Carmelo Anthony during the season. This type of blow to the team was a cause for concern and Harden has picked up the slack and performed to his true superstar status thus far even with these losses the Rockets endured in the off season along with Chris Paul, Eric Gordon and recently Clint Capela all out due to injury.

Harden has had an incredible streak of late which has helped to catapult the Rockets back into playoff contention as they currently sit only 4.5 GB of the first place Golden State Warriors.

James Harden has made NBA courts across the country his personal playground as he has put up historic numbers dominating the helpless defenders who have the unfortunate task of guarding him. Harden has performed at an earth shattering level and in the process has broken Kobe Bryant record for consecutive 30 point games (17), scoring a season high 57pts against the Memphis Grizzlies.

With Harden securing the record for most consecutive 30 point games then without a doubt MVP voters will certainly have that in the back of their minds when it is time to turn in those ballots at the end of the season.

Playing at such a high level for a lengthy part of the season will help his case as it is often something that can be remembered by fans and media members alike. If the Rockets can finish as a top 3 team in the Western Conference, sitting in 4th place currently, it could go a long way in bolstering the chances for Harden to legitimately win his second straight MVP award. Is there a better way for such a potent scorer to win the MVP then to do what he does best and break a record along the way?