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The Warriors’ recruitment was led by Green, who has a strong relationship with Cousins, and general manager Bob Myers, and it included a positive phone call between Cousins and coach Steve Kerr, league sources said. Both Cousins and the organization understood the most critical time of the season — the playoffs — will be the stage in which Cousins shines the most for the Warriors. – via Yahoo! Sports
Marc J. Spears: Golden State Warriors newcomer DeMarcus Cousins told ESPN’s The Undefeated that he had no significant contract offers when free agency arrived, but had already mentally prepared himself for possible disappointment due to his recovery from. – via MarcJSpearsESPN
That is not what happened. DeMarcus Cousins, an All-NBA behemoth, fell into the laps of the two-time defending champions over a chaotic few hours during which the market collapsed on him — so fast, several members of Golden State’s brain trust (including some very close to the innermost sanctum) had no idea the deal was coming. The Minnesota Timberwolves paid more for Anthony Tolliver, and hilariously hard-capped themselves in the process. – via ESPN
Marc J. Spears: New Warriors big man DeMarcus Cousins to The Undefeated on his return from Achilles injury: “I’m still shooting for training camp. It’s not BS. It wasn’t a comment just to sound good in free agency.” – via MarcJSpearsESPN
Alex Kennedy: To all NBA fans who are pissed off right now, I can tell you this: Many players are even more upset than you. – via AlexKennedyNBA
Alex Kennedy: I was talking to a big man who’s currently a free agent when news broke that DeMarcus Cousins is joining the Warriors. The player didn’t believe me, laughed, told his friends, then said, “They might as well cancel the NBA season. Can we just get our paychecks for the year now?” – via AlexKennedyNBA
Adam Himmelsbach: According to a league source, the Celtics never made an offer for DeMarcus Cousins. They’d heard he might have interest in Boston, and by the time they started to look into it, he was a Warrior. – via AdamHimmelsbach
Cousins to the Warriors will likely be a one-year experiment for an NBA powerhouse that has won three titles in the past four years. If Cousins is healthy and plays at an elite level, he can hit the free-agent market again next summer seeking a big contract. But Boogie to the Bay Area will soon be a reality. Believe it or not. “I feel amazing. The crazy thing is it has been tough for me. But I’m just happy to be with the champs,” said Cousins, who has never played in the postseason. – via The Undefeated
“I was f—ed up,” Cousins said. “I said to Jarinn, ‘Let’s make a call.’ He was shocked. It was very insulting to not receive an offer. But I understand. I prepared myself for this.” So around 8 a.m., Cousins said he called Warriors general manager Bob Myers. This is not a misprint. Myers cannot talk about free agents until they can sign with teams on Friday. But when Myers can speak, boy does he have a story to tell. Imagine Myers picking up his cellphone and a man with a deep voice says, “Hey, this is DeMarcus Cousins … got a minute?” – via The Undefeated
“A winning culture and togetherness got us DeMarcus,” Durant told The Undefeated via text. Cousins said: “This was my ace of spades. This was my chess move.” – via The Undefeated