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At the time, Dorcina expressed her love for Dallas and her hopes of moving here to be closer to Nerlens and help him continue to acclimate to NBA life. On Saturday, I phoned Dorcina to ask if Nerlens’ decision to sign for one season might alter her plans. Dorcina had spent most of the last two months in her native Haiti, with a stopover on her way back home to Delaware to check on a sick relative in Miami. Dorcina was unaware of Nerlens’ decision, although he was due to arrive later Saturday to discuss his contract and the ramifications. “He told me two weeks ago he’s willing to sign for four years with Dallas, but they’re not giving him much money for four years,” Dorcina said. “He told me he was asking for about $22 million a year, but Dallas refused to give it to him. “He told me, ‘If Dallas gives me $20 million, I’m going to be there because they love me there. I said, ‘Yeah, I love it there, too.'” – via Dallas Morning News