Boy is this series getting interesting.

As we all know, Kyrie dropped 40 and showed his true colors as he stepped up once again in the big moment. LeBron dropped yet another triple-double in the win and led Cleveland to a historic win.

The Cavs had an almost unbelievable night on Friday, hitting 24 threes (NBA Finals record) and scoring 86 points through 2 quarters (NBA Finals record). Although it may have looked like a lucky game, the Cavs feel like it can be done again. They feel that when their role players show up, and the threes are dropping, nothing can stop them.

The physicality level for this game was extremely high, and that’s where the Cavs shine. Multiple techs, a Flagrant I, and 30+ free throw shots is exactly what the Cavs want. The question is, can it last for 4 straight games.

The Warriors stars weren’t really ready for this desperate-type game from Cleveland, and it showed. While KD scored 35, he did it in short spurts which didn’t result in a close ending. Steph Curry and Klay Thompson were pretty close to a no-show. Draymond, let’s just leave it at he was just in a very weird situation.

Golden State has yet to prove they can close out, and now the psychological pressure is immense as they have possibly the most important game of the series (for now). They have a chance to close out the defending champs in front of their home crowd, which they also had last year. One thing I can tell you is; it will not be easy by any means. The Cavs are coming for the throat, and will have to weather the Warriors storm that may be approaching.

Overall, expect some more fight in Cleveland tonight. This time, they’re in Oracle, a.k.a. The Roaracle. Big game for the Warriors, and an immensely impactful game for the defending champion, Cleveland Cavaliers. This one will be the exact definition of a barn-burner. This will either be the crowning of a new champion, or it could be the turning point of the NBA Finals.