Where should Blake go?

Blake Griffin is a free agent after playing his entire career for the Clippers. He may have had his injuries but is still a top power forward in this league. He will be wanted by many teams.


Why he should leave: The Clippers are a mess. Blake does have his connections in Hollywood but it will really show if he is more interested in winning or money. The Clippers have shown that even at full strength they won’t pass a team like the Warriors. A lot of it comes down to if Chris Paul stays or go. They have had SF issues every year since Blake has been there and even farther back than that. The Clippers don’t seem like they are a team that could contend.


Major Options


Boston Celtics

  • The Celtics badly need a big in the middle who can rebound and clog the paint. Blake is dominant like not many others and would definitely be an improvement over Amir Johnson. He loves to get in there and fight. If they do draft Markelle Fultz then they would have a starting lineup consisting of Thomas, Bradley, Crowder, Griffin, and Horford. With guys like Smart and Fultz coming off the bench, they would be a scary team to watch.


Oklahoma City Thunder

  • Russell Westbrook single handedly carried the Thunder to 47 wins. If you can add a superstar to that team, just imagine how easy it can be. When Westbrook takes a breather, the other team won’t be given the luxury to run with the game, they will have to stop Blake. That would be a starting five of Westbrook, Oladipo, Roberson, Griffin, and Adams. That’s a perfect mix of offense and defense! This is a great option as no other.


Miami Heat

  • There were many rumors going around saying Miami was interested. They do have cap room after Chris Bosh no longer plays due to his illness. If you add Blake next to Whiteside, offenses are going to be stuck as they will not be able to score in the paint. Add him with the elite PG in Goran Dragic and surging Dion Waiters and they would be hard to defeat. Also Justise Winslow is almost fully returned from his season ending injury at the SF. This team went 30-11 to end the season and is showing great signs of chemistry and upside. Add in Blake, and these guys are coming for Lebron and the Cavs hard next season!


Washington Wizards

  • The Wizards need a big man. Blake Griffin would help the Wizards in the middle. Bigs play best with elite point guard and John Wall certainly has a case for being the best point guard in the east. They are a young team and have just came off a Game 7 out in the second round. They only want to improve from here on out and adding a dominant player like Blake can only help their case.

Minor Options

Some teams he might consider are the Milwaukee Bucks who could use a big, the Spurs where he could go down low with Lamarcus Aldridge, or the Houston Rockets where he could be a 1-2 punch with James Harden.

It will be interesting to watch Blake Griffin this offseason as this one move could really change a lot in the league. Clippers could go from top 4 seed to chasing playoffs, the Celtics could hit 60 wins, OKC could become a top 3 team, the Wizards could make the Eastern conference finals, the Heat could make it to 50 wins, or even something crazier than that! It’s going to be a fun ride!


By: Top Ball Coverage and Cody Wilkerson