There has been this basketball boom in Toronto. One can point to many things, nevertheless, one of the things that has definitely been noticed is that interest in basketball is on the rise in Toronto. With that being said, it is not just Toronto that has been a basketball hotbed recently. Basketball interest has bleed further than just simply the Toronto borders. Need an example? To see this example, one only has to look about 15 minutes west of the GTA to find the Mississauga Hoops recreational basketball league. The Boxout presents Mississauga hoops All Star Game took place on Sunday April 9th at the Hershey Centre and to say it impressed is an understatement.

In the end a lights out performance by Team West’s Jordan Clennon gave Team West the 74-61 win over Team East. Clennon’s 20 points, 6 assists and 3 rebounds on 9/12 shooting was enough to earn him MVP honors. Lawrence McNeil won the Boxout skills competition due to him having the best average in all the competitions. McNeil placed 2nd in the competition Skillz Up, which tested ball handling and 2nd in the competition Fast 10, which tested shooting. McNeil finished with 6 points and 6 rebounds for Team West.

First in those games went to Team East’s Jamie Williams in Skillz Up and Team West’s Daviau Rodney. Jamie Williams was team East’s leading scorer with 18 points and shooting 50% from three. Rodney was content to let MVP Jordan Clennon do his thing as he only poured in 2 points in the victory. Overall it was an impressive showing by both teams.

“I am really impressed by the talent level… Many guys here have played high level basketball so I was not surprised” said Boxout founder and CEO Abhinav Prakash. His company, Boxout, provided the technology in the Mississauga hoops All Star Game and Boxout Skills Challenge. “It took a lot of investment and it took a lot of time but at the end of the day what we really see this doing is helping people like this.” Said Abhinav when commenting on how bringing this level of technology to the game was possible. Very rarely do you see high level technology and stats being kept in a rec league, however this was the case as all the data from All Star Game was comprehensive. This is something that Boxout has been working with Mississauga hoops on all season long. It is definitely something to watch for as the basketball boom in Canada continues.