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If you missed it, I’m sure you’ve heard about it.

Sunday night at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, the 8-4 Toronto Raptors, and the 4-9 Sacramento Kings found themselves in a nail-biting fourth quarter.

The Kings maintained a solid first half but had a good third quarter as they lead the Raptors 86-81 going into the final period. The Raptors threatened to rally against the Kings in the fourth, but Sacramento fought back to maintain the lead until the clock hit zero, but the Raps didn’t go out without a fight.

Then, in the final possession of the game, Toronto down 99-102 with 2.4 seconds left, some referred to it as the worst call in NBA history.

With a perfect screen set by Patrick Patterson, Terrence Ross was able to get free and open up far behind the three-point line, take a dribble and nail the near half-court shot to tie the game.

Ecstatic, the team jumped and ran back to the bench to see what Coach Casey had planned so they could take the dub that night.

DeMarcus Cousins felt otherwise, nonchalantly touching and waving his fingers, indicating he tipped the ball once it was inbounded. That means the shot didn’t count.

After watching the replay, NBA referee Mike Callahan deemed the shot late after the buzzer, overturning the play which gave Sacramento their fifth win of the season, and Toronto their 5th loss.

It was absurd.

The officials said the clock should begin when Cousins tips the ball. Ross’ shot was late when play was timed in Replay Center.

So a mistake made by the scores table in Sacramento led to an unfair call for the Raptors.  And putting a scorers’ table mistake on a team is an awful precedent for the NBA to set

Terrence Ross was going off the time he saw on the court. So either redo the play or count the basket.

Moments like these gives Raptors fans more reason to feel like the NBA is fixed and rigged against the only team north of the border.

Social media went crazy, especially Raptors fans.

By midnight, T Ross was trending with 40.7K tweets, Casey with 22.3K tweets and The NBA with 36.7K retweets.

In true Toronto nature…

Some even took it as far as…

Even Kenny Smith voiced his emotions!

And Raptors’ very own Patrick Patterson didn’t hold back.

Sacramento Kings’ didn’t hold back either.