Injuries, Chris Bosh, Miami Heat
Salary-cap relief won’t come until Feb. 9 at the earliest, but the Miami Heat are now positioned to receive insurance relief from the balance of Chris Bosh’s contract, General Manager Andy Elisburg confirmed Monday to the Sun Sentinel.


With Saturday’s victory over the Washington Wizards at the start of this four-game trip marking 41 consecutive regular-season games missed by Bosh, who failed his preseason physical after missing the second half of the past two seasons due to blood clots, Elisburg confirmed that insurance on the remainder of Bosh’s contract can now come into play. Bosh, who is under contract for this season and the following two seasons, has been away from the team since the end of last season, currently posting vacation social media from Southeast Asia.

Bosh has already received $9.5 million of his $14 million 2016-17 salary in up-front payments as previously negotiated. Even with insurance kicking in, Bosh continues to receive his payments from the Heat in similar form as previously. “We still pay Chris,” Elisburg said. “Chris is still the employee and we still are responsible for paying the salary.”