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At this point in the NBA season the Warriors could be considered somewhat of a disappointment. Coming off a record setting regular season the year before, they seem to be somewhat stagnate so far. With already two blow out losses in the six games they have played thus far the Warriors need to find answers to fix their struggles.

Klay Thompson at the start of the season said he was not going to sacrifice his game for Kevin Durant to keep up the numbers he achieved in Oklahoma City but as of right it appears he should be. Although Thompson is considered a top tier perimeter defender and can make up for Curry’s inability to cover other team’s top stars, the Warriors may want to look for him to come off the bench. His plus minus on this season is +1.5, meaning that the team of this caliber is not preforming well with him on the floor. As has showed off in past seasons, Klay is a streaky shooter that can lead the team scoring wise but so far he has been unable prove himself as a capable of playing with the team’s starters. His player efficiency rating that represents how well a player’s stats rank against other players in the league is currently at a 9, far below his rating of 16 from last season.

Saying that Klay Thompson should be coming off the bench does not mean he is unable to benefit the team or cannot be at top talent in the NBA. Players such as Manu Ginobli and Kevin McHale excelled as two way players off the bench. Coming in as the sixth man for the Warriors would not be a demotion for Thompson, it would allow him to be the focal point of the offense for more minutes per game. As of right now he is unable to make shots that he made at a high percentage last year. His three point percentages in the low twenties and the team is struggling as a result of it.

For the Warriors, they need to fix their early season struggles if they want to make it to three straight Finals, and as of right now they look cannot compete with the top-tier teams in the league on a consistent basis.