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Throwback jerseys, doo-rags, hats, leather jackets, iced-out jewelry, headphones and construction boots were the norm for Iverson’s entrances to the arena and the few games he sat on the 76ers’ bench because of injury. “I was bothered by [the dress code], because I felt like they were targeting people that dressed like me,” Iverson said. “I was trying to not get fined. I’d wear anything that might’ve been borderline, just wearing things that made me comfortable but were within the guidelines.”
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Reebok is now poking fun at the items Iverson was banned from wearing, dressing up his new Question shoe with panels of denim, a leather collar and a wheat nubuck toe cap, a nod to his oversized jeans, leather jackets and chunky work boots. There’s also a “Banned” icon along the heel for some added detail. More than a decade later, Iverson has noticed how today’s players are pushing the limits in their own way. “I think [there] should be a dress code now. They made a big deal when I was doing it, but some of the stuff these dudes are wearing? Come on, man,” Iverson said, laughing. “They were picking on me, obviously, if they let these guys wear what they wear now. [There should be] a new, new [dress code]. This is out of control.”
Source: – via Yahoo! Sports