In a fairy tale like opening to the NBA season, the San Antonio Spurs completely destroyed a 73-9 Golden State Warriors team one win away from the NBA finals who had just added the second best player on the planet in Kevin Durant. The final score was 129-100 but it seemed as if it wasn’t even that close. After being hyped this entire offseason, the Warriors came out extremely flat. They were outrebounded by 23 and shot just 21% from three. The splash bros struggled mightily as they shot a combined 4-16 from three. To make things even stranger, a player that many NBA fans haven’t even heard of went off. Jonathon Simmons is a former guard from the University of Houston and former American Basketball League player. He also played several years in the D-league before getting a chance to play in the NBA. The 27 year old guard who had only played 55 NBA games until last night, blocked the back to back regular season MVP Stephen Curry looking like a replica of LeBron’s game seven block. He also posterized the former Shaqtin a fool MVP Javale Mcgee. Simmons scored 20 points, grabbed four rebounds, and dished out three assists. However it was just one game. The Warriors in my opinion are still the best team in basketball. Even though they lost big yesterday, they still have 81 more games left to play. Before the season, I actually predicted that they may have a slow start trying to figure out the chemistry and living up to the pressure imposed on them. Just like the Miami Heat big 3 in 2010, they will lose a good amount of games and fans will quickly count them out which will be a major mistake. I’ve also seen a lot of people saying that Durant is making the Warriors worse because of what they had to give up for him. Although Golden State is losing a rim protector in Bogut and compromising their bench, they are better off with the current roster. Durant was the bright spot for the Dubs in yesterday’s game with 27 points and 10 boards and is a guy that they can isolate in the low block, spot up for three and just take over a game. He is also an above average defender with his length and shot blocking ability. The Warriors also have Draymond Green who I think will win the defensive player of the year award, Klay Thompson who Charles Barkley calls the best two way player besides LeBron in the league and Iguodala a very versatile defender who locked up LeBron at times in the finals two years ago. The bench is still very solid. Iggy is a 6th man of the year candidate, Livingston is one of the best backup pg’s in the league and they have guys like David West, Looney, and Clark that are very solid. The Warriors also have an incredible rookie in Patrick Mccaw who will get a good amount of playing time this year. With his athletic ability and knowledge of the game, he is going to be very solid for GSW. With an incredible output from Simmons coupled with a terrible shooting and rebounding night for the Dubs, San Antonio won big yesterday. However, Warriors fans shouldn’t overreact as the Warriors are easily the most talented team in the league and have very little weaknesses. I highly doubt that you will see any performances like that for the Warriors come playoff time. Durant makes this team the favorites to win it all in the 2016-2017 NBA season.