With the NBA 2016-17 season set to begin on the 25th, fans are eagerly awaiting the first game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the New York Knicks. Both teams head into the new season with headlines surrounding them. The Cavs are under pressure to defend their position at the top of the NBA, coming off a historic finals against Golden State. The Knicks have revamped their team with the acquisitions of Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah from the Chicago Bulls. On paper, these teams are seemingly the front runners of the Eastern Conference. However, the Knicks are facing some roadblocks.

Knicks fans were eager to see Rose in action in the pre-season. He hyped up his supporters in press conferences, stating that they should be considered a “superteam” alongside the Golden State Warriors. Due to his involvement in a rape lawsuit, Rose was absent from the team’s matches against the Nets and the Wizards. Noah missed time with the Knicks due to a hamstring injury as well. Therefore, we haven’t been able to really see the true New York Knicks in action.

The Cavaliers are favorites to win the East this season. They recently signed Guard J.R Smith to a new contract, haven’t lost any key players from last year’s league winning team, and even signed superstar Lebron James to a new contract. The season opener matchup will take place in Cleveland, showcasing the point guard matchup between Rose and Kyrie Irving.We will also see Lebron and Carmelo Anthony go head-to-head, with Carmelo coming off of a huge 2016 Olympics. Fans will see how well the Knicks matchup against their biggest competition. Can the well rounded Cavs shut down the new-look Knicks and continue their dominance atop the Eastern Conference, or will the Knicks prove they can compete with the best in the business? ┬áTune in, October 25th, on TNT at 8PM ET.