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Just five years out of the big three era in Miami, Chris Bosh’s career may be coming to an end. The problems began just after the 2015 All Star break when he had his lungs tested and it was discovered that he had a blood clot in his lungs. Leaning on the side of protecting their star, the Miami Heat decided to have him sit out the rest of the 2014-2015 season. The following year, around the 2016 All Star break Bosh was tested for discomfort in his right calf. The news changed his career forever as another blood clot was found in his body. Worrying it may have life-threatening conditions the Heat doctors forced him to sit out the rest of the season. Bosh remained optimistic that he would be able to come back for the 2016-2017 season but a failed physical in early September held him back. With Bosh’s health still in question Pat Riley has openly said that are not looking for him to return and his career with the team is “probably over”.

The Sun-Sentinel has reported the NBA Players Association is going to look into the events that have led up to the Heat’s decision to cut ties with Bosh. If the Heat are unable to trade Bosh by February 7th the Heat will be able to seek relief from the NBA to rid them of the $76 million he is scheduled to earn over the next three years. The best case scenario for the Heat would be for Bosh to retire for medical complications assuming he cannot get past his health issues. This scenario allows the Heat to remove Bosh’s salary off their salary cap for the remainder of his contract.

If the Heat are unable to push Bosh to retirement they may look to trade him to a potential playoff contender looking for a stretch four. As Bosh is an eleven time all-star and the Raptors all-time leading scorer his value should be enough for teams to take a chance on him. But due to his playing career in question and owed $23 million this season teams are not likely to be willing to give up picks without protection or even players that would make an immediate impact. As for the Heat packing Bosh into a deal, that is also unlikely as the majority of Heat players cannot be traded due to them signing new deals this past off season and the Heat only owning one trade-able pick over the next two years.

As of right now, Chris Bosh’s career is at a standstill and he will likely have no chance to prove himself this season with the Heat unwilling to play him. His contract is too expensive for the Heat to buy out and other teams are most likely unwilling to trade for him. All things considered it’s very likely we will not see Chris Bosh on an NBA court again but let anyone tell Chris Bosh that, it’s not over yet….not by a long shot.