Injuries, Micky Arison, Chris Bosh, Miami Heat
The National Basketball Players Association is monitoring the Miami Heat’s approach with sidelined Chris Bosh, including the possibility of the team keeping the All-Star power forward on the roster long enough to prevent him from becoming playoff eligible for another team. A party familiar with the NBPA’s approach on Friday told the Sun Sentinel that the union is examining the situation, while also remaining cognizant of the ongoing medical and privacy issues with Bosh, who failed his preseason physical after missing the second half of the past two seasons due to blood clots.

The union currently is involved in the delicate stages of formulating a new collective-bargaining agreement, with a more proactive stance on Bosh expected to be taken should the distancing of the Heat with Bosh continue to a point where Bosh could possibly resume his career, the party familiar with the situation told the Sun Sentinel.