Training camp, Chris Bosh, Miami Heat
Miami Heat doctors told Chris Bosh his career was probably over last winter after the discovery of second blood clot in his leg and Bosh has been fighting the diagnosis for the past six months, Bosh revealed in the first installment of documentary debuting Wednesday on “Seeing the team doctors, they told me that my season is over, my career is probably over and this just happens, this is just how it is,” Bosh said. “I felt right away that I was written off. It was [clap, clap] put it to the side matter-of-factly. If a doctor tells me, ‘Hey that’s it and this is how that is,’ and I don’t buy that. I have the right to disagree with you.
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Bosh directed and produced the film, titled “Rebuilt.” It is being released in parts and the first installment comes strategically less than a week before the opening of training camp. Bosh revealed last week in a podcast that he had not yet been cleared by Heat doctors but believed he’d found a medication regimen that would allow him to return to playing by using blood-thinning drugs that would be out of his system before playing or practicing. Bosh has consulted numerous physicians getting opinions on treatment.
Source: – via ESPN
“Everybody has seen it when you’re holding the trophy or when everything’s all good,” Bosh says in the video. “You never see the low parts. You’re your true self in your lowest moments. What would you do if you couldn’t do what you love?” According to Bosh’s publicist, “Rebuilt is an original series of digital shorts that will follow Bosh through the start of the NBA season. With his passion for filmmaking, the Uninterrupted series marks Bosh’s directorial debut. The introspective series will rollout exclusively through Uninterrupted, a digital media company.”