The off-season can be a long and painful time for passionate fans in any sport. Other than draft nights and free agency periods, it is an eager time for fans as they countdown to the upcoming season. The NFL off-season is quite possibly the most painful, with a 7 month off-season span. But not to worry football fans! Regular season kick-off is officially less than one week away. As the Carolina Panthers prepare for vengeance against the defending Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos, ATB News has compared NBA players to their NFL counterparts. Unfortunately the 2016-2017 NBA season is still 8 weeks away.

The MVP with Swag


Both gentlemen led their teams to an incredible regular season winning streak to start last season. Heading into the playoffs, Cam Newton and Steph Curry were the no-doubt MVPs. Both players are very exciting to watch and can put up some stats never accomplished in the history of their sport. Add the fact that both men love to smile during games and have pretty unique celebrations. Oh, and Steph Curry is a huge Carolina Panthers fan.

The Humble Legend


It is going to be sad, weird, and different watching next seasons without these two hall of fame legends. Since being drafted first overall, both Peyton Manning and Tim Duncan have turned their teams into instant contenders and have always been winners. Both men have won multiple MVPs and Championships and will go down as some of the greatest ever to play their sport. Let’s also not forget the humble, team first attitude that both men have. It’s mandatory to respect and nearly impossible to hate these two legends, even if you are a fan of their rival teams.

The Brother of the Brother


Okay this is not a brothers scenario like the Gasols or the Mannings where each brother has their own legacy. These men are literally known for being the brother of their brother. Mind you, Seth Curry is at least in the league and getting playing time (something Jordan Rodgers could never accomplish). If only Seth Curry is casted on the next season of The Bachelorette!

The Freakish Athlete


Russell Westbrook and Adrian Peterson are two of the freakiest athletes ever born on this planet. It almost makes you question if either men are human watching them run with a ball. There are reasons not to like either player but both men have absolutely remained loyal to their franchises, despite having not won a championship yet and seemingly having different teammates every season. Both men should also be top first round picks in this season’s Fantasy Sports Leagues.

The Injury Prone Star


Just imagine where both of these men would be if they stayed healthy throughout their entire career. Derrick Rose and Tony Romo are stars, no doubt, but have struggled to make it through full seasons causing chaos and concerns for their teams. The start of next season has already proved to be disastrous for Tony Romo, so hopefully it works out better for Derrick Rose on a new team.

The Annoying Defender


There’s always that one elite defender who people hate as a person and hate playing against but would love to have them on their team. Draymond Green and Richard Sherman are the type of defenders who easily get under the skin of their opponents. Their gritty style of play has led their teams to Championships and put them at the top of some of the best players in the league. Both men were late draft picks and constantly remind coaches and GMs that they should have drafted them.

The Scary Veteran


Kevin Garnett and James Harrison are way past their prime, who have now shifted from elite defenders in the league to veteran leaders on the franchise they started with. Despite being two of the oldest players in their sports, both men still contribute and seem to strike fear into other players in the league. Not only have both men shown that they can play, both men have shown that they can certainly YELL! Appreciate the last remaining seasons of these two future hall of famers.

The Offensive Beast


James Harden and Antonio Brown are absolute offensive monsters, making them top fantasy picks over the last few years. Both men are also famous for not playing defence (Haha okay, Brown isn’t expected to).

The Promising Rookie


There is always going to be pressure when you are the first overall pick in any league. Expectations are high and both athletes have been under a microscope all summer. Both Ben Simmons and Jared Goff will be entering the big leagues hoping to turn around franchises that have had many consecutive disappointing seasons. Good Luck Rookies!

The Face of the League


Let’s not forget the two men who are the poster boys and faces of their leagues. LeBron James and Tom Brady are absolutely dominant, winning multiple MVPs and Championships over their career. Even as they get older, their game remains stellar. Both men are so good that even if you don’t watch their sport, you know exactly who they are. Both LeBron and Brady are also famous for appearing in movies, countless commercials, poster ads, and can be brought up in almost any sports discussion. They both may hear just as much boos/criticism as cheers/praise, but you have to respect both players who will go down as some of the best to ever play their game.


Thank you for reading. This is ATB News!