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According to Paul, next season James will make $33.3 million, topping Michael Jordan’s NBA single-season record of $33 million with the Bulls in 1997-98. His third season, if he opts in, is for $35.6 million. It has long been a goal of James to 1) Lead the NBA in salary for a single season; 2) Break Jordan’s record for the NBA’s all-time No. 1 salary. With the Larry O’Brien Trophy now residing in Cleveland, he’s accomplished his most important tri-fecta.
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“”I just want to let y’all know I’m re-signing back with the Cleveland Cavaliers, my hometown team,” James said on Uninterrupted, his Internet and social-media video platform for athletes. “I can’t be more excited than this opportunity once again, man, to defend our crown, defend our title. We all know last year as a magical, inspiring– all the words you can come up with– it was an unbelievable season. I just can’t wait to get the group back together– the team, the franchise, more importantly, get everybody together, the fans.